Idlib: Blatant lie about Russian AF of an attempt to escape requital (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Idlib: Blatant lie about Russian AF of an attempt to escape requital (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

On June 7 «White Helmets» published another provocative video, which allegedly shows the consequences of the Russian Air Force’s strikes on the city of Zardana in Idlib province. There is a lot of smoke, noise, crying children, trembling hands with cell phones and stupid fuss on the video as always.

Then a man carrying an «unconscious» child get into the shot. Ten seconds later this child has already independently regained consciousness and looks around trying to understand what’s happening.

At the same time there is a «wounded» person on the floor, nobody helps him instead everyone is enthusiastically filming him with their smartphones. The clothes of the wounded man are clean, without traces of dust, although the child was brought into the room being carefully sprinkled with mud. As always «Arab Hollywood» movies are full of blunders and inconsistencies.

And then there is Russia refusing to recognize «its monstrous and bloody» actions, because Russian aviation did not fly over Idlib on that day and did not perform any airstrikes. According to Russian Defense Ministry over the last 24 hours there were «fierce battles between «Jabhat an-Nusra»* large group and oppositional „Jayish al-Ahrar” gang including artillery in that region of Idlib province». 

As can be clearly seen in the photos and video, the shooting was done in the dark, so it is impossible to determine the ownership of the aircraft, if it even was there.

Let’s bear in mind that the US Air Force performes a terrible strike on the mosque in the village of El-Jina on the border of Aleppo and Idlib provinces a year ago, which led then to mass death of civilians, more than 50 participants of the evening prayer were killed. The US military have been refusing to acknowledge this fact for quite a long time, although even some Western media eventually told about this monstrous crime.

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